Animal Reiki

14291812_10154334783060837_1531683695343491057_nWhat is Reiki?  Reiki is a gentle, hands-on, subtle healing therapy.  The word Reiki is Japanese and is a combination of two words, Rei and Ki.  It describes a system for accessing the universal (Rei) life force (ki).  It is this universal life force energy which creates and sustain all life and promotes healing.

How it Works. Our animal friends and partners, like us,  are energetic beings with energy flowing throughout their body much like currents in an electrical system.  Reiki healing occurs as the practitioner helps blocked energy move through the system. These blocks caused by injury, pain, stress, dietary changes and/or training issues.  As the energy becomes unblocked, the system can come back to health.It just isn't easy to coordinate copy

Benefits.  Reiki has many healing benefits.  As you watch your Practitioner work on your horse or dog, you may see visible reactions, including relaxation, sleepiness, agitation with corresponding release (licking and chewing in horses).


  • 30 Minute Equine Reiki Treatment – $30 plus travel
  • 15-20 Minute Canine Reiki Treatment – $25 plus travel
  • Distance Reiki with Written Notes (Equine Only) – $50


  • 5 30 Minute Equine Reiki Treatments – $120 plus travel
  • 5 15-20 Minute Canine Reiki Treatment – $150 plus travel
  • 3 Distance Reiki Treatments with Written Notes (Equine Only) – $120