The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.

Eleanor Roosevelt

Embrace Change

A wise man once said, “When was change ever bad to you?” I thought long and so many moments flooded my thinking… Moments, just flashes in time which invarably turned into a time, place, experience that felt so right, so comfortable and fitted so perfeclty. Change is good even with those flashes of fear… it […]

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This tree is dying due to bittersweet (the lemon yellow vine) choking it’s roots and branches… And that beautiful splash of red is poison ivy… a danger to us. In nature, there is beauty even among danger. Do we move away from its threat or do we explore its edges, loving what is good while […]

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There is this otherizing in religion, faiths and spiritualities that develops from fear, loss or resentment. Justifying one’s choice is not always a statement of what is good about my selection but against what I did not choose. “I am an Catholic/Agnostic/Atheist/Buddhist/”insert religion, faith, spirituality here” because of what “Hinduism/Baptist, insert religion, faith or spiritualty […]

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Be Fierce

Be fierce! Speak your truth! Never were these words so poignant than today. The teens rising out of the Stoneman Douglas High School are doing so calmly, passionately and respectfully. They have been through hell and yet, they continue to live and strive for more. They speak their truth in the midst of turmoil and […]

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On the Use of the Word “And”

There is the meme floating about on the internet that goes like this:“If Methadone is free for addicts because they have a disease… Why is chemo not free for cancer patients?” There are so many memes, comments and similar sayings proliferating out in cyberland.  I wonder if the poster truly thought about the intent when […]

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