Spiritual Counseling

IMG_6834Everyone at one time or another finds themselves a little lost or disconnected or struggling for meaning.  And, sometimes you need a little help to figure things out.  You are not looking for a coach, a mentor, a sponsor or the like…  You are looking for a person who can help you connect with the Divine and find that place within yourself that knows all and wants the best for you.

A Spiritual Counselor is not a mental health provider or a psychologist.  Spiritual Counseling is not therapy but a service to guide you to hear your inner voice, to support you in determining when you are being guided by the Divine and to help you connect deeply and authentically.

Your session may include guided meditation, breath-work, writing exercises and movement.  We will develop rituals and practices to support you in your continued growth.

Interfaith Inter-Spiritual Approach to 20645485_10155364387595837_2460933798752798685_oSpiritual Counseling. This is a non-religious approach to self care. Working with your beliefs and/or traditions, we may explore those and other Spiritual practices and traditions as a means to achieve your goals.


  • 60 Minute Session – $65
  • 5 60 Minute Sessions– $260