10289897_10152981864975837_8845563468411993114_nWhat is Reiki?  Reiki is a gentle, hands-on, subtle healing therapy.  The word Reiki is Japanese and is a combination of two words, Rei and Ki.  It describes a system for accessing the universal (Rei) life force (ki).  It is this universal life force energy which creates and sustain all life.

Reiki healing occurs as the practitioner helps blocked energy move through the system.  These blocks can be physical, emotional or spiritual and can be found in the energy body, organs, muscles or in the chakra system.  As the energy becomes unblocked, the system can come back to health.

A bit about the Reiki Practitioner.  Traditionally, the Practitioner is channeling the Universal Life Force and is simply aiding in the healing between the Receiver and their own Higher Power.IMG_0004

Your Reiki Experience: A Reiki treatment is done fully clothed lying on a massage table.  Your Practitioner may place her hands above or on your body being sure to address your chakra system, muscles and major joints.   He or she may get intuitive direction or feeling when working on you and spend more time in one area over another.  Reiki energy will move within your body to where it needs to go.

During your treatment, allow your body and mind to relax and absorb the experience.  You may fall asleep, be in a meditative state or somewhere in between.


  • 30 Minute Reiki Treatment – $40
  • 60 Minute Reiki/Crystal Treatment – $65
  • Distance Reiki with Written Notes – $50


  • 5 30 Minute Reiki Treatments – $160
  • 5 60 Minute Reiki/Crystal Treatment – $260
  • 3 Distance Reiki Treatments with Written Notes – $120